Influence of psycho-emotional status parameters on functional state of the central nervous system among highly trained short-distance swimmers

Автор: Bushueva T., Baranovskaya I., Makarova G.

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He main purpose of the work was to study the influence of psycho-emotional status markers on the latent time index of motor reaction (LTIMR), elected as a «gold standard» (in other words the most reliable parameter of functional state of central nervous system) among highly skilled athletes, specializing in short distance swimming. The latent time index of motor reaction was determined by a simple visual-motor reaction test according to the method of T.D. Loskutova with the help of the «Istoki Zdorovia» hardware and software complex. To assess the psycho-emotional state of athletes, a color choice test of the «Istoki Zdorovia» hardware and software complex, which is a modification of the short Luscher test has been used. The quantitative characteristics (in %) of the anxiety level, emotional stability and ability to overcome stressful situations have been analyzed. Repeatedly during the month before serious competitions, 9 short distance swimmers (5 Master of Sports and 4 Candidates Master of Sports, average age - 19,36 ± 0,45), members of the national team of the Krasnodar region have been examined...


Parameters of psycho-emotional status, functional capacity of the central nervous system, highly trained athletes, short-distance swimming

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