Influence of foliar fertilization of winter wheat with water soluble compound fertilizer with microelements "Poly-feed" for yield and quality grain in the conditions of the Oryol region

Автор: Dorogavtsev S.Yu., Sobolev E.V., Tareeva M.M., Burtsev A.Yu., Gorbunov A.I., Romanov V.S., Kozar E.G., Ronen Y., Kupriyanov A.

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Often in the soils of crop rotations of grain crops, including on black soil, the content of mobile forms of copper, manganese, zinc and other trace elements is low. Improving the efficiency of making micronutrients for grain crops and determining the best ways and doses of their introduction are topical issues that need to be addressed in order to increase the productivity of crops. The purpose of research is to identify the effectiveness of the use of water soluble compound fertilizer with microelements of the company “Haifa Chemicals” in the technology of growing winter wheat on leached chernozem under conditions of the Oryol Region. Field production experiments were established in 2017-2018 on the basis of Orlovsky Leader LLC Branch №5” located in Livensky district. Field experience with the use of Haifa Chemicals products: Poly-Feed micronutrients 19-19-19 + 1MgO + ME and Poly-Feed 6-15-38 + 3 + ME was laid on soft winter wheat varieties Moskovskaya-56.The control variant was the basic technological scheme used in the household for carrying out leaf dressings with mineral fertilizers together with the organic fertilizer Gumostim...


Poly-feed, foliar fertilization, winter wheat, grain quality, yield

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IDR: 140240747   |   DOI: 10.18619/2072-9146-2019-2-74-79

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