Influence of climatic and social factors on the malaria incidence in Astrakhan region

Автор: Arakelyan R.S., Galimzyanov Kh. M., Kovtunov A.I., Stulova T.V., Zapletina N.A.

Журнал: Пест-Менеджмент. Pest Management @pest-management

Рубрика: Инфекционные и паразитарные болезни

Статья в выпуске: 2 (90), 2014 года.

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Malaria continues to be a widespread disease in the world, which is an important public health problem in the most developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. According to WHO estimates, the number of new cases worldwide annually reached 100 million. In general, over the past 10 years, the world situation has changed slightly, but its deterioration are observed in many parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The main causes of the malaria situation in the country are: late detection of patients and parasite, poor sanitary condition and improper use of hydraulic, promoting the growth of the number of carrier, untimely and poor conducted anti-malaria activities, as well as the situation on climate changes that have occurred not only in our country, but also worldwide.


Malaria, climate, epidemic foci, mosquitoes, sickness rate

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