The influence of construction defects on bearing capacity of reinforced concrete constructions of a frame monolithic building

Автор: Volkov Andrei Sergeevich, Dmitrenko Evgeniy Anatoljevich, Korsun Artem Vladimirovich

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Статья в выпуске: 2 (29), 2015 года.

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The article introduces the results of the technical examination of a monolithic reinforced concrete frame building being built in Donetsk. The description of the building structures defects and causes of their appearance, the results of laboratory tests of concrete strength have been introduced. The influence of the identified defects on the construction efforts in framework elements and on their bearing capacity has been studied. Conclusions about the performance of structures and the possibility of building continuation have been made on the basis of examination results.

Bearing capacity, reliability, concrete strength, defects, mass concrete

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