Byzantine amphorae in Pereyaslavl Ryazansky

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During excavations at Pereyaslavl Ryazansky (present-day Ryazan) 182 fragments of amphorae of the Byzantine origin dating to the second half of the 12th -13th centuries were recovered. Most imported items are pre-Mongol amphorae (the end of the 12th -the first decades of the 13th centuries). Almost half of the recovered items belong to Group I (after the authors' classification) that corresponds to Type IV after N. Gyunsenin's classification; around one fourth of the finds is referred to Group II (or Type III after N. Gyunsenin). The amphorae from Group I were produced in the 12th-14th centuries, most likely, in the Province of Trabzon, whereas the amphorae of Group II were made in the Province of Nicaea and the Province of Bursa. It has been established that in the first decades of the 13th century the amphorae of Group II were as frequently imported to Ryazan as the amphorae of Group I. Scarce fragments of small amphorae were found in the layers dating to the second half of the 13th - early 14th centuries as well.


Amphorae, byzantium, imported items to medieval rus, chronology

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