Validation of the Russian-language version of the Internet Gaming Disorder - 20 Test

Автор: Petrov A.A., Chernyak N.B.

Журнал: Сибирский вестник психиатрии и наркологии @svpin

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Статья в выпуске: 1 (102), 2019 года.

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To date, dependence on computer games acquires the status of a global problem. At the same time, there is a sufficient level of conceptual contradictions regarding the list of diagnostic criteria for game addiction. The latter causes the presence of a large number of screening diagnostic tests. In the absence of a reliable tool for express-evaluation of gaming addiction among Russian-speaking gamers, the aim of this study was to validate the IGD-20 English-language questionnaire based on 9 criteria of Internet gaming disorder according to DSM-V. After the procedures of direct and reverse translation of the text of the test, as well as the initial pilot study on 30 gamers, psychometric validation of the test was carried out on a sample of 1,133 students of educational institutions of Irkutsk and the Irkutsk Region. Expiratory and confirmatory factor analyses demonstrated good consistency of test components. Conclusion. The Russian-language version of the IGD-20 Test can be actively used for a primary diagnosis of gaming addiction among Russian users of computer games.


Igd-20 test, internet gaming disorder, dependence on computer games, game addiction, validation

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IDR: 142220029   |   DOI: 10.26617/1810-3111-2019-1(102)-71-78

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