Management of change in road construction city based on mechanism foresight please simulation

Автор: Komarevtseva O.O.

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This article is devoted to the study of comparative analysis of the activities of the road construction project. The main purpose of the study is a visual representation of the efficiency of the use of comparative analysis for the selection of the contractor for the construction of road infrastructure. The subject of research is the mechanism of change management in road construction on the basis of comparative analysis (for example, the construction of a bypass road on the street. Razdolnaya Orel). As the recommendations of this paper are the following tenets: for projects financed from the budget must be in addition to auctions and bidding request, and then carefully evaluate the necessary information; at the conclusion of contracts for road construction is required to designate the presence of the necessary equipment in the ownership, lease or loan company; effective tool in road construction projects will be the concept of reducing costs while increasing the efficiency of the project.


Query, road construction, municipalities

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