Accounting of morphofunctional indicators of water polo players as the basis of optimization of sports selection and individualization of the training process

Автор: Kudryashova Y., Rovniy D., Berdichevskaya E., Kudryashov E., Mayakova O.

Журнал: Физическая культура, спорт - наука и практика @fizicheskaya-kultura-sport

Рубрика: Теория и методика спортивной тренировки

Статья в выпуске: 3, 2019 года.

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In this paper the comparative analysis of the morphological characteristics of qualified and highly qualified athletes specializing in water polo with different individual profile asymmetry has been provided, the correlation analysis on the basis of the data obtained between anthropometric indicators and performance at the championship of Russia has been conducted. For the testing of sensory and motor asymmetries in 43 samples the method of N. N. Bragina and T. A. Dobrokhotova in the modification of E. M. Berdichevskaya has been used, also the longitudinal dimensions of the body, diameters and girth dimensions of the body, taking into account the leading and not leading limbs have been measured. The correlation analysis has been conducted by the Bravais-Pearson (Rpxy) method. The analysis of the sensorimotor asymmetry profile of athletes specializing in water polo showed its significant narrowing and specificity for this sport. The contingent of the studied was divided into 4 groups: 1 - athletes of category I; 2 - CMS athletes and MS; 3 - athletes with «mainly right» profile of IPA («Papp»); 4 - not engaged in sports with IPA («Papp»)...


Water polo, asymmetries, morphological characteristics, highly qualified water polo players, correlation analysis

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