“Nature has no bad weather...”: 1930-1940s. On the Kamchatka weather service

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Introduction. The modern development of society clearly demonstrates that in it all processes are compatible and proportionate, and therefore it is no coincidence that a particular area is given such a direction as the weather service, determining it as an important factor in organizing the life of people and the state. Analysis. In modern conditions, the problem remains relevant. This is primarily due to changes in our being, which requires a timely response to those changes in the atmosphere that we observe in conditions of systemic transformations, in an urbanization environment, due to global warming and the unpredictable consequences of such a phenomenon, and the lack of an answer to a vital question, why is this will result in the end. What is the role of weather service specialists in the state? In this regard, it would be useful and appropriate to determine the role and place of this sphere of development of society, to learn the path of formation, including the example proposed in the study of the Kamchatka Territory. The introduction reveals the question of studying the problem as a whole and interprets the inconsistency of reality with the assertion that supposedly "nobody needs yesterday's weather." A scientific study based on the results of one day is a complex of generalized observations, the results of processes in order to identify the role of a particular atmospheric phenomenon, and forecast the upcoming situation. An analysis of the situation with the formation and development of the weather service on the Kamchatka Peninsula shows that it is still poorly studied in the field of economic activity in relation to the Kamchatka Territory. The role and place of the regional teams of specialists of the hydrometeorological network, including the UGMS of the Kamchatka Region in the past, since its establishment in the Soviet period, its structural changes, accumulated experience and many other aspects of the problem are not disclosed. Results. As a result, the main areas of activity of the weather service on the Kamchatka Peninsula were clarified and presented, the process of forming a weather service collective was revealed, the specifics of activity, the formation of a network of hydrometeorological stations and posts, interaction with neighboring regions, conducting research, generalization of learned data and their transmission to the public sphere were revealed economy (fishing industry, aviation, etc.), shows the forms and methods of activity in emergency conditions of the war of 1941-1945.


Kamchatka region, peninsula, meteorology, meteorological service, structure, weather forecaster, areas of activity specifics, forecast, national economy, war

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