Tourist and recreational activities as a factor of the economy diversification of single-industry towns in the region

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The article describes the current socio-economic state of single-industry formations using the example of Perm region, analyzes the Russian support system of single-industry towns through clarifying the key concepts of the analysis of single-industry entity; characterizes approaches to the classification and criteria for attribution the entity as single-industry town. The article is focused on the socio-economic situation and economic specialization of single-industry towns of Perm region. The aim of the study is to identify promising areas of the economy diversification of single-industry towns on the basis of tourist and recreational activities, which shows a high level of adaptation to the crisis. The hypothesis of the study is to identify the impact of tourism and recreational activities on the diversification of the economy of single-industry towns. Research methods: statistical analysis of data on single-industry towns of Perm region, system and situational approach, modeling of socio-economic processes. Result of work. Cities with single-industry specialization are more exposed to systemic risks, since there are no areas for the development of alternative economic activities. Tourist and recreational activities contribute to the solution of several interrelated tasks: the growth of socio-economic indicators, the formation of a multifunctional production infrastructure, risk dissipation. The main directions of future research are related to the formation of development programs for tourist and recreational activities of single-industry towns and the definition of socio-economic effect.


Tourist and recreational activities, diversification, system analysis, single-industry town, regions, socio-economic development of single-industry entities

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IDR: 140236991   |   DOI: 10.24411/1995-042X-2018-10402

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