Heavy metals in the soil-vegetation cover of the selitebnii landscape of the city Arkhangelsk

Автор: Korelskaya Tatiana Alexandrovna, Popova Lyudmila Fedorovna

Журнал: Арктика и Север @arcticandnorth

Рубрика: Биологические науки

Статья в выпуске: 7, 2012 года.

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Soils of the selitebnii landscape of Arkhangelsk is the most polluted of the forms of heavy metals (Pb, Cu and Zn) in the old part, which may be related to the type of underlying soils. The soils have a high availability of Arkhangelsk mobile forms of Cu and Zn, but the actual reserves are deficient in Co, Ni and Mn. Accumulation of heavy metals in the city plants is more intense that in natural conditions and increases in the number of row of Fe

Selitebnii landscape, city soils, heavy metals, pollution, soils-natural cover

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