The utilization of the PWM inverter feeding in the asynchronous motor command

Автор: Bounoua Houria, Bounoua Abdennacer

Журнал: Техническая акустика @ejta

Статья в выпуске: т.4, 2004 года.

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In this paper, the acquisition of new control tools and the improvement of the PWM inverter feeding in the asynchronous motor command are considered. In the asynchronous machine, the directions flow and the electromagnetic torque are closely tied. The scalar command law allows to maintaining the flow and consequently the electromagnetic torque constant for high frequencies. However, this law is very insufficient at low frequencies, what leads us to proceed with the field-oriented asynchronous pulse-width modulation, for high-performance asynchronous machine drives operating at low frequency. The performances of this command are evaluated by using results of simulation realized by the MATLAB software under the SIMULINK environment. The obtained simulation results prove the efficiency of the PWM signal in the command and give excellent electrical magnitude performances of the system. With this easy model, the simulated system, constituted by the asynchronous machine and the two levels voltage inverter, is achieved in a very short time interval and the obtained results are interesting.


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