The development of an international marketing strategy: the case of an it company

Автор: Korchagina E.V., Desyatnikova A.Y.

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The purpose of this research is to analyze the ways to design a successful international marketing strategy for an IT company. There is a number of models and methods to work out a marketing strategy, however they are not being widely used. This paper reviews some of the popular studies of marketing strategies. The research is focused on an America-based IT company –Intermedia. Currently, the company is considering the opportunity to expand the operations into new markets in Australia, China and some of the countries in Eastern Europe. Also, the top management is making the first attempts to enter new markets. However, the marketing strategy for the expansion is still not being announced, meaning that there are some difficulties in preparing the final expansion plan. The following methods such as the analysis of the marketing literature and IT industry reports, an interview with the experts, and the analysis of various marketing materials are used to outline the pros and cons of the current marketing strategy of Intermedia. The results of the research are supposed to consider the main obstacles on foreign markets and outline effective techniques that can be used to develop an international strategy of an IT company. Also, the plan of the development is to be proposed, which can support Intermedia on the new markets.


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