Thermal analysis of the resource-saving technology of fruit chips manufacture

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The thermal analysis heat- and mass-exchange of processes has been carried out at heat-moisture of handling of fruits for manufacture of fruit chips. Is suggested resource-saving the technological scheme of a line of processing of fruit and manufactures of fruit chips on the basis of convection and the microwave-drying. The technique is made and results of calculation of thermal expenses for various schemes of manufacture of apple chips are resulted. Thermal expenses for base and offered variants on the basis of balance parities of technological processes and the developed hardware-technological scheme of a line of manufacture of fruit chips with the closed cycle of use of the heat-carrier and the combined convection-microwave-drying of fruit-and-vegetable raw material are certain. Are used recirculation a contour, the heating of the initial raw material fulfilled after drying of pairs and a condensate in the closed contour for creation energy-saving of the "know-how" of a ready product. Comparative thermal efficiency of control surfaces of a line of manufacture of apple chips for the offered technological scheme is shown. Directions of perfection of technological schemes of manufacture of apple chips are certain. Improve the thermal efficiency of the proposed technology facilitates the use of coolant recycling, and the use of heat vapor at various stages of the process, as well as heat exchangers with a capacitor for on-stage heating drained coolant. Useful expenses include heat expended on heating and conversion product. By total losses attributed unused waste heat of coolant, as well as costs due to leaks and mode of working chambers. In order to reduce energy consumption are analyzed and studied heat loss ways to reduce them. It was found that the losses can be reduced through the use of waste after drying coolant heating the dried drying agent and syrup.


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