Heat-insulating mortar based on composite binder

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The article presents the results of studies on obtaining a heat-insulating solution obtained by grinding. The binding compositions were synthesized at various ratios of cement and waste products of perlite sand in ajet mill under different grinding regimes. The features of grinding processes have been studied and technological and physicomechanical properties of the resulting binding compositions have been determined. The microstructure of cement stones obtained from activated Portland cement and binding compositions in ajet mill was studied by electron microscopy. It is established that open pores of cement-binding compositions prepared using perlitic fillers are filled with neoplasms and perlite grains have a plate-prismatic shape, which is clearly seen in micrographs. The microstructure of binding compositions has a dense structure due to a rationally selected composition, the use of an effective mineral filler, which creates additional substrates to form the internal microstructure of the composite...


Binding compositions, jet mill, wastes of perlite sand production, granulometric composition, physical and mechanical properties, x-ray phase analysis, heat-insulating solution

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IDR: 140238578   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-283-289

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