Development tendencies of the discipline of sport tourism "Distance-hiking"

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The article discusses the development tendencies of rather new sports tourism disciplines «distance-hiking». Thequestioning which have been conductedamong the leading coaches and athletes for three years at the main Russian competitions, made it possible to determine the following trends in the training process: the increase in the number of training sessions per week to five, the duration of the practice class to 4 hours and the growth of the training load up to 1400 hours per year. The leading qualities in the structure of the preparedness of highly skilled athletes-tourists of the discipline group «distance»: physical qualities - endurance (total 15%, speed-power-16%); technical readiness - working technique with amap (9%); spotting technique (8%); psychological personality traits - purposefulness (2%); tactical readiness - technical and tactical thinking (2%) have been shown. By analyzing the results of the protocols «distances - hiking - group - long» of the 5th class of difficulty, the assessment of physical and technical preparedness of athletes- tourists has been conducted...


Tendencies, structure of preparedness, load volume, "distance - hiking", training process

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