Tendencies and perspectives of protection of entrepreneurs from illegal criminal prosecution in modern Russia

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Purpose: To determine the main trends and possible prospects for ensuring the protection of entrepreneurs against illegal criminal prosecution in modern Russia. Methodology: We used a formal legal method, a method of comparative analysis. Results: In this article, the author raises an extremely topical problem for modern Russia - the possibility of protecting entrepreneurs from illegal criminal prosecution. The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and law enforcement practice is dominated by an excessive criminal-repressive line in relation to business entities, characterized by criminalization of acts that do not pose a public threat and entails an increase in cases of illegal criminal prosecution of entrepreneurs. The author reveals the main trends in the development of the Russian criminal legal system with respect to economic crimes, draws attention to the main changes in the criminal legislation aimed at protecting entrepreneurs from unlawful persecution. Novelty/originality/value: The scientific significance of this article is due to the relevance and importance of the topic touched on in it, practical significance - the possibility of using the results obtained to improve Russian criminal law and law enforcement practice.


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