Technologies of express diagnostics in the management of training load of young karate athletes at the pre-competition stage

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The article shows the expediency of the use of technologies of express diagnostics of functional capabilities in the specific conditions of the training process of young 10-11 year-old karate athletes at the pre-competition stage. For the determination of lactate the lactate analyzer LACTATE PLUS was used, the content of oxygen in arterial blood was determined using a pulse oximeter, pulsometry parameters of the current training load was recorded using the heart rate sensor POLAR H10. Regulatory nervous processes were investigated on the hardware complex Biomysh Research. As the stress effects in the main part of the classes 6 series of training forms of competitive exercises lasting 1min 30s were offered, which simulated competitive mode of operation - anaerobic-aerobic. Measurements of lactate parameters and oxygen content in arterial blood were conducted during 2-minute rest after each load series. Regulatory nerve processes were investigated before and after the session...


Rapid assessment, metabolic and functional effects, training forms of competitive exercises, anaerobicaerobic mode of operation, 10-11 year-old karate athletes, atypical reactions

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IDR: 142221985

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