Technological transformation as an essential development factor of international tourism

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The article is devoted to the development prospects of international tourism in conditions of technological transformations. The subject of the article are technological transformations affecting the development of international tourism. The aim of the study is to substantiate the prospects for the restoration of international tourism based on the use of technological transformations in a difficult epidemiological situation caused by coronavirus. The scientific research hypothesis is based on the assumption that international tourism is a multifunctional system that can be transformed under the influence of modern processes of globalization and digitalization, its significant potential can be successfully demanded under the influence of factors of scientific and technological content. The main methods of research are related to the application of systemic and situational approaches, modeling of processes and factors affecting the international tourism development. The results of the work are to justify a new view of international tourism as one of the main resources of the country's economic development from the point of view of applying technological and economic transformations. Groups of factors affecting the development of international tourism have been identified, including economic, political, natural, terrorist, epidemiological and transformational. The algorithm of technological transformation based on the main stages of periodization is presented. A model reflecting the types of transformations in the development of international tourism has been formed. The results of the study can be used in the developing conceptual provisions that allow to supplement and clarify the conceptual apparatus in the field of international tourism, its essential characteristics from the point of view of technological transformations. The directions of future research are related to the determination of the impact of international tourism and its entry sector on the socio-economic development of tourist destinations in the light of the implementation of the National Project "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation," which involves the development and widespread use of digital technologies in all sectors of the economy.


Technological transformation, international tourism, a group of factors, types of transformations, digitalization, metacognitive technologies, artificial intelligence technology

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IDR: 140261404   |   DOI: 10.24412/1995-042X-2021-5-50-58

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