Technological properties of amaranth cake as a component of mixed fodders

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The value of oil cakes as fodder products is determined by their composition. High protein content, presence of carbohydrates, fat, phosphorus-containing substances, mineral elements, vitamins make them an indispensable tool in farm animals feeding. The use of unconventional plant resources in the production of mixed fodders, such as amaranth cake, enhances their nutritional and biological value, as well as provides more complete digestion of the animals. In this type of raw materials there are nutrients in a concentrated form that have a positive effect on their productivity. To determine the possibility of amaranth cake using as a component of mixed fodder, its technological properties were investigated. To do this, the physical and mechanical properties of the product were studied (moisture content, bulk density, angle of natural slope). The hygroscopic properties of amaranth cake were studied. It was found out that the value of the hygroscopic point corresponds to the optimum values characteristic of the main types of raw materials for the production of mixed fodders...


Technological properties, amaranth, cake, granulation modes, mixed fodder

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IDR: 140238562   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-182-188

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