Technological aspects of producing polymeric compositions for biofilter with improved immobilization properties

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As the material loading of the filters, it is recommended to use a polymer composition having high immobilization capacity. The introduction of the polyolefins natural polysaccharides attached polymer composition, the ability to retain on its surface microflora, and additional content in the composition of nutrients will ensure the maintenance of microbial life in the event of termination of enrolment in the biofilter nutrients. We have investigated the technological aspects of polymer compositions based on polyethylene (PE), containing natural polysaccharides - starch and alkaline pulp (waste vegetable oil refining), in the ratio of 80 : 20 wt.%, when the processing in modern high-speed equipment. In the study of rheological indicators, it was found that contained in the cellulose fatty acid and wax soften the composition, where the effective viscosity is filled with PE with the use of cellulose is celebrated on 30 ÷ 35 % lower than the composition with starch. For polymer compositions containing as starch and cellulose, at a temperature of processing 200 °С observed fracture of flow curves, and when the critical temperature 220 °С there is a rapid release, followed by decomposition of the compositions. It is noted that the composition containing the cellulose has a higher porosity than containing starch, which facilitates immobilization of the microflora. For use as a load of biofilters more recommended songs based on PE and cellulose because they have superior immobilization due to their porous structure, and the presence in the composition of polysaccharides and nutrients, as evidenced development on the surface of the samples of the composition of microscopic fungi ( Aspergillus, Penicillium ).


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