Structure of seed productivity of antocians containing broad beans and features of mycoflora soil under them

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Relevance. A comprehensive study of broad beans, including seed productivity and soil mycocomplexes of their anthocyanin-containing varieties, is relevant, given the need to increase the growth of crop productivity and the special contribution of micromycetes to soil phytomelioration, which is an important link in organic farming. Methods. In small-scale experiments in the city of Belgorod, varieties of beans with anthocyanins in the seed coat were studied (Bobchinsky, Karmazin, Pink Flamingo, Russian Blacks, Tsarsky Harvest, Bel-1). The selection of soil fungi was carried out by the method of soil dilutions of Waxmann, followed by deep sowing in solid nutrient media. To assess the similarity of the complexes of soil micromycetes under varieties of beans, a similarity coefficient was used. Results. Field trials of varieties of beans Vicia faba L. (Bel-1, Bobchinsky, Karmazin, Pink flamingo, Russian black, Imperial crop) containing anthocyanins in seed coatings showed that the highest yield of seeds is characteristic of the Bel-1 hybrid (65 g from a plant) and varieties Pink Flamingo (64 g), Royal Harvest (64 g)...


Broad beans, seed productivity, anthocyanin in seeds, protein content in seeds, soil mycocomplexes, micromycetes

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IDR: 140248079   |   DOI: 10.18619/2072-9146-2020-2-38-42

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