Structure of white poplar plantations in the river fioodplains of the Middle Don basin

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The article considers a complex of characteristics that determines the specific structure of the floodplain white poplar plantings in native groups of forest types and reflects or directly influence the degree of their biological stability. Referring to the existing connection of research on the structure with problems of maintenance of the stability, increasing forest productivity and effective forest management according to the data of contemporary scientists [1-4], the author of the article bases the actuality of his work for plantings of white poplar - as one of the edificator species in the floodplains of the rivers at the middle Don. The principal part of the article decrypts the structure elements of white poplar plantations of different typological affiliation. The study establishes that there are structural differences in the white poplars which growing in the middle and in the nearterrace parts of the floodplain, what manifest as a measure of distribution, the course of growth and productivity, the species composition, the success of natural regeneration...


Stand structure elements, horizontal structure, spatial distribution type, stand structure, biological sustainability, stand construction

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IDR: 143166214   |   DOI: 10.24419/LHI.2304-3083.2018.2.01

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