Structure of forests of Zakamje of the Republic of Tatarstan

Автор: Puryaev A., Kuznesova N.

Журнал: Лесохозяйственная информация @forestry-information

Рубрика: Лесоведение и лесоводство

Статья в выпуске: 4, 2018 года.

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The results of investigation, reflecting structure character of forests from Zakamje region of Tatarstan Republic by prevailing species, age, capacity, density and yield in the network of forest site types are presented. The main part in Zakamje occupy forests growing in forest site type (FST) D2. The less by area and crop are stands in fresh suramens (FST) C2, where pine and aspen forests prevail. In FST D2 the main part is the share of aspen and lime stands, twice less in square are birch and oak forests. In fresh suramens the most productive by yield are coniferous forests. This tendency retains in ramens, where high-quality birch and aspen stands grow. In all concerned forest site types the most productive are larch and pine stands. In fresh suramens in the age up to 40 years the most relative density have spruce and aspen stands. In FST D2 along with larch the most density have spruce and pine forests and also young growth aspen stands. Stands distribution by age classes is irregular. The main forest area is the share of middle age stands being together with young growth the base for getting additional wood during care cuttings. For increase the forest productivity it is necessary to enlarge the volumes of forest care cuttings, make reconstruction of low-dense oak stands and expand the square of larch forest cultures in the region.


Republic of tatarstan, zakamje, forest, structure, types and forest grown condition, forest stands, age, performance

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IDR: 143166232   |   DOI: 10.24419/LHI.2304-3083.2018.4.02

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