Development strategy of entrepreneurship activities in recreational sphere on the basis of subregional characteristics of Crimea

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There is a need for efficiently managing resources using available forms and methods. In this case, the recreational activities development should be conducted in the most suitable area of the region. The territory possesses the recreational factors and recreational resources, using of which should consider its heterogeneity and adaptability to different segments of consumers. An important role in this process play a strategic analysis of recreational entrepreneurial activity development, taking into account the subregional characteristics of the region. So, as a result of analyzing the development prospects for the entrepreneurship in the region, the author identify subregions with a high level of natural, historical and cultural potential, the fundamental basis for the recreation development, as well as the level of concentration in the territory, which makes the alternative cost of land resources higher because the development of economic infrastructure accompanied by the replacement of natural and historical-cultural resources...


Strategy, development, entrepreneurial activity, recreational sphere, infrastructure, potential, subregional features

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IDR: 140240536   |   DOI: 10.24411/1995-042X-2019-10210

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