Stimulation of anti-corruption behavior of customs officials of the Russian Federation

Автор: Trunina E.V., Ruzankina T.F.

Журнал: Juvenis scientia @jscientia

Рубрика: Юридические науки и политология

Статья в выпуске: 6, 2017 года.

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The article is devoted to the analysis of corruption in the customs bodies of the Russian Federation, as well as to the mechanism of counteraction to it. The doctrinal approaches to the definition of corruption are considered. The statistics of the growth of criminal cases of corruption in the customs bodies of the Russian Federation over the past five years is shown. The reasons for corruption in customs bodies are investigated, among the most serious of which, according to the authors, is the absence of a personal example among the leading members of customs bodies. It is concluded that in stimulating the anti-corruption behavior of customs officials, a leading position should be given to a belief reinforced by a system of encouragement and incentive measures. Among the latter, the authors suggest the introduction of payments for the absence of corruption facts, career growth in anti-corruption behavior, improving the level of social security and financial position of employees of customs authorities.


Corruption, customs authorities, officials, employees, counteraction, anti-corruption behavior

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