Glass bracelets from the eastern part of the Moscow Kremlin (preliminary results of the 2016 activities)

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The paper contains preliminary results of studying glass bracelets found duringthe excavations conducted by the Institute of Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences,in the eastern part of the Kremlin Hill on the site previously occupied by buildingNo. 14 which had been pulled down. These bracelets originate from stratified sectionsof the occupation layer, with the earliest deposits being referred to the pre-Mongolian period.The paper provides a summary description of shape, size and color range of the bracelets.A preliminary analysis of bracelet distribution by the stratigraphic layers was carried outand the distribution of the bracelets by chronological periods was proposed.


Moscow kremlin, medieval cities, glass bracelets, pre-mongolian period, medieval Russia

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IDR: 143164018

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