Comparative analysis of repeated retrograde mono- and multistenting in benign terminal choledochal stricture

Автор: Shabunin A. V., Bagateliya Z. A., Lebedev S. S., Korzheva I. Yu., Ibragimli Z. A., Afanaseva V. A.

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Introduction. The use of parallel multistenting with plastic stents in benign strictures of the distal choledochus is a scientifically proven preferred method in comparison with monostenting, but there are almost no studies related to this method of treatment for repeated interventions in the dysfunction of a previously installed stents. Study Purpose. The purpose of the retrospective scientific study was to conduct a comparative analysis of the use of retrograde stenting using one and several plastic stents for the treatment of distal benign biliary tract strictures.Material and methods: The study included 63 patients with benign distal choledochal strictures, previously performed retrograde stenting and stent dysfunction with the development of mechanical jaundice, who underwent retrograde restenting. The main group consisted of 20 patients with parallel multistenting, the control group consisted of 43 patients with monostenting.The results of treatment. Statistically significant were better indicators of the ratio of postoperative to preoperative values of direct bilirubin, alpha-amylase and the diameter of the choledochus in the main group compared to the control group, statistically insignificant were the average ratio of postoperative to preoperative indicators of leukocytosis, as well as the average number of days before the patient's discharge from the hospital.Conclusions: A comparative analysis of repeated retrograde stenting in benign strictures of the terminal choledochus showed the advantage of using multistenting, which is reflected in both immediate and long-term results.


Plastic biliary stent, multiple biliary stents, mechanical jaundice, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, repeated endoscopic interventions

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IDR: 142229629   |   DOI: 10.17238/issn2072-3180.2021.2.26-31

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