Comparative analysis of the chemical composition and antioxidant properties of different types of tea as a raw material for the production of tea extracts

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One of the most frequently consumed sources of natural antioxidants is tea. High content of phenolic substances in it, makes it an excellent functional drink. At present, interest in tea is great not only as an independent drink, but also as a raw material for the production of tea extracts. The study was conducted on extracts obtained from samples of leaf tea of foreign and Russian origin in the following parameters: the content of soluble solids in tea extracts; total content of phenolic substances; total content of flavonoids; total content of tannins; antiradical activity by the DPPH method; restoring force by the method of FRAP. During the study of tea species, different in the way of processing and in the region of origin, it was determined that the leader among the presented teas is the white tea of Chinese origin, which has the highest antiradical activity and the highest content of tannins. Comparing green tea from China and Russia, it can be concluded that the content of individual groups of substances varies slightly against the background of slightly higher anti-radical activity of Chinese tea...


Tea, phenolic substances, flavonoids, antioxidant activity, oxidative stress

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IDR: 140238574   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-249-255

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