Comparative characteristics of economy’s social attributes of the system levels of hierarchy from the standpoint of economic and mathematical modeling

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As a result of the research, the paper shows the essential need to take into account the social attributes of processes and phenomena in economy. From the standpoint of the interdisciplinary approach at various levels of the system three-hierarchy (micro-meso-macro) in economy, the following characteristics of social attributes are considered: “economic agent”, “expectations of the economic agent” and “preferences of the economic agent” taking into account their heteromorphism and heterogeneity, “intersubjective relations in economy”, “trust” between economic agents, “institutions”. The conclusions made as a result of the study make it possible to formulate the concept of selecting tools for economic and mathematical modeling of processes and phenomena at various levels of the system three-hierarchy (micro-meso-macro) in economy. Further studies will make it possible to select the most relevant tools for each level of the system three-hierarchy from the numerous apparatus used to model processes and phenomena in economy taking into account the concept proposed in this paper.


Three-hierarchy (micro-meso-macro) in economy, economic agent, expectations of the economic agent, preferences of the economic agent, intersubjective relations in economy, trust, institutions

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IDR: 149130113   |   DOI: 10.15688/ek.jvolsu.2019.4.3

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