The specifics of the work of defense enterprises from an economic point of view

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The article deals with an urgent problem that is associated with the need to identify the specifics of the work of defense enterprises from an economic point of view. An insufficient number of scientific works are devoted to this direction of research. To improve the efficiency of defense enterprises work, the authors proposed the main parameters of their compliance with the modern conditions of the development of the Russian economy. These parameters include the high quality of products, the provision of import substitution, and a decent level of professionalism of the personnel. The main reasons for the lack of efficiency in the activities of defense enterprises are considered, one of which is the tendency to reduce the allocation of funds for R&D by defense departments, which ultimately does not contribute to the diversification of products. The authors express the opinion that in modern conditions a large percentage of defense enterprises are unable to ensure effective economic activity due to their inclusion in integrated structures. The Russian practice of developing integrated structures confirms the fact that their effective functioning cannot be ensured due to the lack of competent corporate governance. The article presents the key measures of state support for defense enterprises. The authors proposed possible ways to improve the efficiency of the enterprises of the military-industrial complex, which include supporting legislative and regulatory initiatives of the state. The situation with the staffing of the Russian defense complex is also considered. The need for an independent adequate assessment of the competencies and intellectual abilities of the candidate is described, but not the level of «trusting, kinship relations» with the leadership of defense enterprises. In connection with the above, the work of defense enterprises must be considered from an economic point of view in order to further ensure their effective operation, as well as the development of the entire defense-industrial complex of Russia.


Defense enterprises, operational efficiency, integration, costs

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IDR: 140259890   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-3-264-268

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