Creating the environment for forming a new type of culture

Автор: E. G. Khodzhayan

Журнал: Симбирский научный Вестник @snv-ulsu

Рубрика: Экономика и менеджмент

Статья в выпуске: 1, 2021 года.

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In the interpretation of culture, there are two main approaches: substantive (values that contain cultural benefits and their impact on socio-economic relations) and functional (industry-specific). However, culture assumes not just cultural needs and means of their realization, but cultural life as a separate organic spatial complex. Understanding the role of culture in the context of the transition to an economy of an innovative type sets the tasks for culture institutions to modernize their work in order to preserve the identity of Russian culture, create conditions for equal accessibility of cultural benefits, develop and realize the cultural and spiritual potential of the individual and impose increased requirements on the management models of culture institutions. The author proposes the systematic approach to the interpretation of this concept, that is, culture is understood as a set of formal and informal institutions, cultural space as part of the existing socio-economic system. Currently, there is a tendency to consider the region as a separate socio-economic system, a subject of socio-economic relations. In this interpretation, the culture of the region can be viewed as an object of socio-economic relations


Culture, state regulation, management of the processes of cultural development of territories

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