Modern world trends in sports training of judoists (the review of foreign literature)

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The article presents the results of the analysis of foreign scientific works, devoted to the issues of modern sports training of highly skilled judoists. The priority improvement areas of the training process have been revealed, the range of opinions of the leading coaches from Spain, England, Brazil, Croatia, the USA, Japan, France and Germany has been shown. The differentiated composition of the used training means in judo has been presented. The factors that determine judoists’ success, as well as the possibilities of predictability of the performance results at the competitions have been disclosed. The biomechanical aspects of the efficiency improvement of direct, combination and repeated attacking actions in judo have been considered. The «combination classification of throws based on the function of an attack distance» has been presented. The solution of the optimization problem of the training activity effectiveness from the point of view of biomechanics through the use of the «principle of maximum efficiency» has been discussed...


Judo, sports training, foreign scientific publications

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