Modern methods of port planning in Russian legal framework

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Port planning is a multidisciplinary activity by nature. It involves expertise in the field of transport economics, shipping, nautical matters, safety and logistics. But also knowledge of waves and currents, sediment transport and coastal morphology, dredging and land reclamation, design of breakwaters and quays. Port planner, within the team of experts in different scopes, plays a central role in developing of modern handling solutions for sea ports and terminals. Russian standards of port planning are not relevant and calculations, which are based on those norms, often do not satisfy modern requirements. Unfortunately we are lagging behind world standards, foreign consulting firms already have good analytical skills and results in port planning modeling. For Russian specialists mastering of this methodology is a high priority mission.


Ports and terminals, carriage of cargo by sea, cargo handling, berths, technology solutions, port planning, simulation and modeling

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