Present-day condition and tendencies of the development of an educational space at a higher school

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During the XX century experiments of searching of new ways of the school and higher school development take an intensive place in the world practice. First of all modern education is defined by the type of an educational system. In the conditions of this very system a man gets his education, and his inner content depends on the quality of mastering those types of mans activity, his profession is probably among them, which reveal the specific character of an educational system. It depends also on the quality of mastering cultural values belonging to the achievements of science and technique. This statement is explained by the fact that all educational establishments concentrate in themselves fundamentals of the developed scientific knowledge and higher samples of mans sociocultural activity and his epoch. Searching of new models of education is in progress, and this process is unlimited. Everyday practice proves the effectiveness of a certain model of the education.


Education, educational space, system of education, content of education, world practice, higher educational establishment

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