Improving the public assurance system of environment quality

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The protection and maintenance of environment quality, the conservation and rational use of natural resources, environmental monitoring and verification are becoming increasingly important and prioritized in the environmental policy of the Russian Federation. This is due to the deterioration of the ecological situation and the manifestation of man-made accidents caused by the rapid consumption of natural resources and land use, which indicates insufficient consideration of the environmental factor while ensuring economic growth. As a result, there is a degradation of landscapes and the creation of conditions that are incompatible with ensuring a high level of human life and health. Therefore, the development of productive forces of society has led to increased contradictions between the degree of satisfaction of human needs and the natural permissibility of a negative impact on the environment. It is impossible to obstruct the environmental degradation process without developing new and improving existing environmental policy instruments, in particular environmental monitoring...


Environment, monitoring, environmental situation, environmental protection activities, environmental management, pollution

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IDR: 140240557   |   DOI: 10.24411/1995-042X-2019-10208

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