Improvement of the organizational and economic mechanism of anti-crisis management at industrial enterprises

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The present paper deals with the issues of anti-crisis management of an industrial enterprise. We provide a clear definition of anti-crisis management and the key problems that hinder it. Within the framework of solving these problems, we have improved the organizational and economic mechanism of anti-crisis management of an industrial enterprise through a new approach to assessing the effectiveness of anti-crisis measures and using dynamic programming methods to form an anti-crisis program. The proposed mechanism is based on instant exclusion and fundamental diagnosis of the enterprise condition. The diagnosis lets reveal the reasons and prerequisites for the emergence of crisis situations, as well as the places of their possible occurrence, duration and complexity. We offer a list of measures as the next steps to overcome the crisis situations, to assess and compare them, and to form an effective anti-crisis program in the conditions of limited resources. The final stage consists in the implementation and monitoring of the designed anti-crisis program. We pay special attention to the evaluation of the effectiveness of anti-crisis measures. The expert method for evaluating the effectiveness of the anti-crisis measures has been further described in the paper, which makes it possible to obtain an integral assessment that takes into account not only economic, but also resource, social, environmental and production-technological components. This approach is especially relevant for large industrial enterprises, which are responsible for replenishing the budget, for ecology and social tension. This integral indicator lies at the basis of the economic and mathematical model of the formation of optimal anti-crisis program developed under the present research. We suggest using the maximum efficiency gain obtained after implementing one of the program measures per unit of invested funds as a criterion of optimality.


Organizational and economic mechanism, anti-crisis management, anti-crisis program, efficiency evaluation, optimization model

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IDR: 14971293   |   DOI: 10.15688/jvolsu3.2018.2.7

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