Improvement of industrial development management as a basis food security: an integrated approach

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The current stage of economic development in Russia is characterized by a new mainstream in management theory - the promotion of management technology to leading roles in the management of economic entities, priority is given to managers. It is believed that they are able to bring enterprises to the desired level of financial efficiency. Management developments of previous generations of managers, especially Russian ones, are not sufficiently taken into account. The article considers the formation of industrial development management, the contribution, first of all, of Russian economists and practitioners to the formation of the management paradigm. It is shown that the General principles of an integrated approach were developed in the first quarter of the twentieth century and Russian scientists and statesmen played a significant role in this. The main directions of formation of management tools, the increasing role of science-based planning in it are revealed.


Management, industrial development, integrated approach

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IDR: 140250982   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2020-3-289-295

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