Improving the massecuite crystallization in sugar production

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The article discusses the concepts of continuous vacuum apparatus operation: vertical VKT (VKT - Verdampfungs-Kristallisations-Turm) and horizontal cascade of VKH vacuum apparatus (VKH -horizontal vacuum pan) from BMA (Germany). The advantages and features of the vertical continuous vacuum apparatus VKT are shown, as well as the possibilities for increasing the efficiency of the product department of sugar factories. Thanks to the special design of the crystallization chambers, the low massecuite level above the heating chamber and the use of mechanical stirrers in each chamber, the VKT apparatus can operate without difficulty with a very small temperature difference between heating steam and massecuite, as well as with an absolute heating steam pressure well below 1 bar. With optimal use of VKT vacuum apparatus, a variety of energy-saving schemes can be implemented, for example, double-effect evaporation in the crystallization section. Part of the secondary crystallization steam is used to heat one of the VKT units, which saves the heating steam of the evaporator unit used for this purpose. With an increase in the productivity of the sugar factory, it is possible to quickly equip the VKT apparatus with an additional chamber. The device works continuously throughout the season, especially with products with massecuite purity of more than 94%. The chambers are cleaned without stopping the entire apparatus. The boiling of massecuite of all stages of crystallization in VKT devices ensures a uniform operating mode of the food compartment, allows to achieve an increase in sugar yield and helps to reduce steam consumption at the plant.


Vacuum apparatus, crystallization, massecuite, sugar, sugar production

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IDR: 140257369   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-1-86-93

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