Improving the assessment tools for the effectiveness of state social and economic policy

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Socio-economic changes in Russia are more reflected in the social sphere, which is an important indicator of the degree of economic and political development of society. This article is devoted to the study of theoretical, methodological, regulatory, legislative and organizational aspects of assessing the effectiveness of socio-economic policy of the state. The authors study the essence, content and structural elements of the state social policy. The conducted research allows to interpret the category of social policy as policy of the state aimed at changing the level and quality of life of the population, minimizing contradictions among the participants of the market economy and preventing social conflicts. Social policy as an integral component of the social sphere management system, should be based on a systematic set of fundamental methodological principles inherent in any science-based management system. The authors characterize the system of normative and legal support of social policy in Russia, present the classification complex of social standards, and systematize the tools for assessing the effectiveness of social and economic policy of the state...


Social policy, mechanisms of social policy, regulatory support, standard of living, social guarantees, human capital, investments in human capital

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IDR: 140240558   |   DOI: 10.24411/1995-042X-2019-10209

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