State of regulatory framework of physical education process of primary school students at educational institutions

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The article presents data characterizing the content of the main program and regulatory documents, regulating projective, substantive, methodological and control and accounting determinants of the physical education process of primary school students at educational institutions. Main basic documents, including: Law of the Russian Federation «On Education»; Law «On Physical Education and Sports in the Russian Federation»; Federal State Educational Standard for Primary General Education have been listed. The main features of these government documents include: - approval of the physical education process as the leading target of personality formation, as well as physical education of primary school children; - positioning the task of safety of life of primary school students as the main priority of pedagogical influences; - preservation and strengthening of physical, mental and social health of children. Basic requirements for the structure of physical education programs at educational institutions, which include: explanatory note, predicted results of the program, features of their content, basic requirements for the organization of extracurricular activities and recommendations for assessing children's achievements during the educational process have been characterized...


Regulatory framework, physical education, primary school students at educational institutions, personal physical education

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