Main mistakes of students during academic and work placement practices in sport schools

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The article presents the research results devoted to the main professional mistakes that students make while doing practical training as sports school coaches. The choice of the article direction and topic is due to the need to study professional competencies formation level of students and graduates. The conducted experiment provides an opportunity to assess the practical activities of future coaches. Research aim. The research aim is to reveal the main mistakes of professional activity of students during practical training programs at the Olympic Reserve Sport Schools and to determine possible reasons for their appearance, the ways of their elimination and prevention. Research methods. The following research methods were used: observation, expert assessment, statistical methods. Research results. The article also defines the term «mistake in sport professional activity of future coaches by sports» and also clarifies that it is a purposeless mistaken (incorrect) performance of certain actions during the training process and preparation for it, manifested in inconsistence of these actions with the generally accepted professional activity standards, leading to the deformation of activity results of coaches...


Professional and pedagogical mistakes, mistakes of coaches, reasons of professional mistakes, importance of professional mistakes

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