The conciliation of interests under certainty through clustering the socio-economic positions

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Another approach to convergence of the various positions available in studied communities is discussed. It is proposed to carry out the socio-economic migration on the basis of actors' socio-economic stratification and representation in the form of the elements of multi-dimensional arithmetic space. Illustration of relations' actors can represent itself by individuals, different firms, organizations, companies and the states. Actors may have common values of some socio-economic interests submitted for consideration. The method for calculating of distances between disjoint sets of actors' interests values is determined. The concept of framework agreement as base for mutual understanding is also proposed. Characteristics of migration are calculated taking into account the estimates of possible grouped structures included in community and describing it. As a result, the mathematical model of a situation is constructed. The optimal solution of the model exists and is sought by methods of discrete programming. The developed technique can be applied in various fields of practical human activity with numerical representation of the interests' values when conflicts between the interests are possible at interaction of actors. Generalizations of model are connected with attraction to соnsideration of fuzzy sets theory and dynamic and stochastic systems. Research is at the joint of several sciences and uses their knowledge and methods.


Society, consent, conciliation of interests, social conflict, pseudo-boolean programming

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IDR: 14971340   |   DOI: 10.15688/jvolsu3.2014.4.11

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