Substantive aspects of the adaptive development of the management system of high-tech enterprises in the digital environment

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The article indicates the importance of a synergistic approach to the development and adaptation of the management system of high-tech enterprises. Development is inextricably linked with the adaptation processes taking place at the enterprise. It is adaptation that determines the vectors of development. The synergistic approach leads to the emergence of the category of "adaptive development", which in relation to the management system of high-tech enterprises involves the transition of the management system to more modern methods and management tools based on digitalization. The cyclical foundations of the adaptive development of the management system are revealed, which determine that under the influence of economic laws, enterprises regularly need to change and improve their internal parameters, finding an opportunity to prolong periods of growth. In such conditions, the key role is assigned to the highest level of enterprise management, performing managerial functions. The essence of adaptive development is considered from the standpoint of the process approach, since it is the process approach that fully reflects the essence of this category. Adaptive development is a process of transformations in the control system, based on the transition of the system from one qualitative state to another based on the identified contradictions in the external environment and a long-term program for building internal potential. In the process of adaptive development, a specific response should be developed based on the use of a multidimensional model of comparison and selection of the most effective option. It is emphasized that one of the most important conditions for the implementation of the adaptive development process is information support, as the basis for making adequate management decisions.


Adaptation, development, high-tech enterprises, management system, adaptive development, digital environment

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IDR: 140261161   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-2-312-319

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