Social and hygienic monitoring today: state and prospects in conjunction with the risk-based supervision

Автор: Zaitseva N.V., May I.V., Kiryanov D.A., Goryaev D.V., Kleyn S.V.

Журнал: Анализ риска здоровью @journal-fcrisk

Рубрика: Профилактическая медицина: актуальные аспекты анализа риска здоровью

Статья в выпуске: 4 (16), 2016 года.

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It is shown in the article that since the establishment in 1992 and until now the social and health monitoring (SHM) operates as a complex open system of extended collection and processing of heterogeneous data about the parameters of the environment, socio-economic indicators of living of the population of the country's regions, medical and demographic characteristics of society as a whole and of individual population groups. As part of the SHM system Rospotrebnadzor annually performs hundreds of thousands of instrumental measurements of objects in the environment of the Russian Federation. These federal and regional information assets have tremendous analytical capacity and allow a knowledge-based processing of information in the "health-environment" system for a variety of management tasks of sanitary and epidemiological situation. Changing of the general paradigm of control and supervisory activities of Rospotrebnadzor and giving a fundamentally new status of control measures to researches and measurements of the system of social and hygienic monitoring without interaction with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs were important bases for further improvement of the SHM. The development of SHM in conjunction with the risk-based supervision model can significantly improve analytical capabilities, effectiveness and efficiency of each system. This development requires the adoption of a new edition of The statements of the SHM, the development of a scientific approach to the formation of "risk profiles" of objects of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance; the development of methodological approaches to the selection of points and formation of programs of instrumental studies of air, water and soil as the control activities in the areas of influence of economic entities. Of great current interest are the development and consolidation of regulatory requirements for the registration of the results of sampling and measurement in the course of monitoring activities in the framework of the SHM; the establishment of criteria for associating violations of hygienic standards of air quality, natural and drinking water and soil with the facts of causing threat to life and health of citizens; the development of scientific and organizational approaches to the establishment, registration and proof of cases of harm to human health in violation of the mandatory requirements of the objects of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance.


Socio-hygienic monitoring, control and surveillance activities, sanitary-epidemiological well-being

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IDR: 14237976   |   DOI: 10.21668/health.risk/2016.4.01

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