Social security of the region and directions of its provision

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Regional social policy often acts as the activity of the subject in the person of federal authorities and public organizations. The main goal of such a policy is to achieve equal living conditions, developed infrastructure and social structures of the region. And the general coordination of state, regional and local interests is actually implemented with great difficulty and is very often replaced by centralized management. Since regions and subjects become targeted objects of federal authorities, regions are not always able to realize their own interests. To avoid this situation, the regions need to establish their independence in solving social problems. Currently, the social and economic development of the state directly depends on the level of development of the regions. The concept of "economic security" and "social security" are closely related to each other, since the economic security of both the country and the regions mainly consists of socio-economic indicators. In other words, the economic security of the state and its subjects depends on the level of their social security. As a result of the conducted research, threats to the economic (including social) security of the region were identified. The assessment of the level of social security of the regions that are part of the Central Black Earth Economic Region was carried out using the methodology of Gaifullin A. Yu.and Gaifullina M.M. (Institute of Socio-Economic Research), which showed a fairly high level of social security of the object under study - the Voronezh Region. Determined the effectiveness of regional social policy and the ways and measures to improve the social policy of the region, in particular, it is recommended to pay attention to demographic component of the social security, living standards of the population, education and culture, and strengthen the rule of law.


Economic security, social security, voronezh region, security threats, region

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IDR: 140257356   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-1-435-442

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