School projects of the formation of united preventive environment based on the system integratoin of physical activity in the educational process (scientific review)

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The paper presents national school projects the integration of physical activity of children in the educational process - «Dynamic lesson», «Active recreation», «Active school» and the European projects - «The Class moves!» (Netherlands), the «HEPS» (European network of health schools), «IMOVE» (Denmark). Theoretical and conceptual bases of development of a new school project of the Research Institute of Hygiene and Health of Children and Adolescents are discussed. This project is aimed at scientific substantiation of conditions for formation of the motor-active preventive environment in educational organizations based on system integration of various forms and means of students physical education, including the implementation of active leisure, optimization of the vestibular modulation of sensory systems in training process and the functional state of the muscular-ligamentous apparatus as a physiological basis of various types of motor activities, physical education and physical fitness of children.


School projects, physical activity, dynamic, active recreation, active school, vestibular modulation, sensory integration

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