Rural tourism as a factor of improving the tourism industry competitiveness of Orenburg region

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The article is devoted to the rural tourism development in Orenburg region. The author discloses the concept of "rural tourism", determines its im- portance for global and regional economy. The article specifies the factors affecting the rural tourism development, as well as analyzes climatic and geographical and historical potential of the region necessary for of this type of tourism industry. The article describes the European experience of the tourism industry devel- opment, in particular in Germany. The author gives statistical information of Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture of Germany for the past 9 years, considers the stimulating tools of rural tourism, which can be offered to the approbation in the domestic tourist space. Assessing the competitiveness of the tourism industry in Orenburg region takes special place in the article. The author demonstrates resource potential and uniqueness of the region in the country's tourist space and highlights the urgent problems related to the development of this type of tourism. There is an imbalance between the potential and actual economic indicators of rural tourism due to the relative "youth" of the tourism industry and the weak development of Ural tourist area. The author proves the feasibility of financ- ing and promoting rural tourism in Orenburg region. The article highlights the relevance of measures for the conservation and use of the region's tourism potential as a factor that favorably impacts on employment in rural areas and enhances economic indicators of the tourism industry in the region. The article confirms the weighty significance of the tourism industry in the regional economy development.


Tourism, rural tourism, tourism industry, competitiveness, region

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IDR: 140208448   |   DOI: 10.12737/21831

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