Self-determination impact on motivation in the conditions of professional education

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Introduction: Self-determination theory plays a crucial role in self-awareness forming. It suggests that people are motivated to grow and change as well as to be able to become self-determined by three universal psychological needs: for fulfillment of competence, connection, and autonomy. The article examines the main criteria and indicators of self-determination. Socio-pedagogical conditions are proposed which provide the effectiveness of the process of forming social self-determination among students. Materials and methods: the methodological basis is the ideas of personal and professional development as the basis the foundation of achieving a professional “acme” in the works of such scientists as A.S. Anisimov, A.A. Bodalev, A.A. Derkach, V.G. Zazykin, A.K. Markova, N.V. Kuzmina and others. Scientists focused on interdisciplinary connections and integration approaches in the study of the problems of personality self-determination. Results: recommendations are given for the design of activating methods of self-determination. The research hypothesis is based on the assumption that the formation of self-determination in the educational process of the university will be effective if proposed conditions are realized: providing the interconnection of formation processes and person’s self-development; inclusion of students in a variety of activities in order to acquire social experience and a system of social roles for further self-development; trainings for motivational growth and classes aimed at developing skills of self-organization and self-regulation in stressful situations. Discussion and Conclusions: according to these conclusions, a set of recommendations were developed: external and internal factors of social self-determination should be considered in the system, with its inherent connection with the environment, since changes in the social environment entail changes in the system of factors; in order to study personal properties, develop mutual understanding and determine ways of development and correction, one should use high-quality psychodiagnostic techniques, trainings for motivational growth, aimed at developing skills of self-organization and self-regulation in stressful situations; it is necessary to ensure the activity of students in a variety of activities.


Self-determination, motivation, professional education, university students, communicative interaction

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IDR: 149136747   |   DOI: 10.17748/2075-9908-2021-13-1-123-133

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