The agricultural market segmentation and identification of market niches

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The article considers the main specific characteristics of agromarketing agricultural markets in the modern realities of the agro-industrial complex development. The characteristics of business process modeling in the development of agromarketing are described. It is determined that in the innovative development of the agri-food market there is an interaction of segments of the agri-food market and segments of the innovation market, which leads to the emergence of new innovative products in the agri-food market, and new innovative technologies for the production and processing of agricultural products in the resource market. As a result of scientific research, the segmentation of agricultural markets has been developed and improved, which, unlike existing ones, takes into account innovative transformations, principles of agromarketing, marketing of business interaction between participants and business entities to form a chain of actions and business process modeling, effective for the development of the agroindustrial complex and agriculture as a whole. The segmentation of agricultural markets presupposes the formation of an effective agromarketing policy and as a result of scientific research, a developed mechanism for the implementation of agromarketing policy is presented, which includes a symbiosis of agromarketing and innovative marketing, which, unlike existing ones, have united into single directions of agromarketing development, on the basis of which the mechanism for the implementation of agromarketing policy will be as effective as possible. It is noted that the effectiveness of agromarketing in the agro-industrial production system is guaranteed if proportionally balanced small, medium and large enterprises of the agro-industrial complex will work in normal economic conditions, have the necessary amounts of income, distribute and use them rationally.


Agro-markets, agromarketing, segmentation, agro-hotels, modeling, business process, agro-industrial complex, agriculture, agro-food complex, farmers, consumers

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IDR: 140261915   |   DOI: 10.24412/1995-042X-2021-5-140-149

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